This blog has two authors, both 13th Age GMs, who note their experiences running the game.

Michael Maneval started gaming as a DM for D&D 4th Edition in 2009. He eventually switched to 13th Age when it was released and has started dabbling in other game systems as well. He currently runs a weekly campaign at the College of William and Mary about the shenanigans of the only -and occasionally, rather dysfunctional – adventuring corporation in Forge.

Sam Lantz began playing role playing games as a player in Michael’s D&D 4th Edition game back in 2009. Since then he has played whatever games Michael had decided to try, but then he began to dabble in the art of DMing/GMing. Now, a veteran GM/DM, he runs a weekly campaign with a group at Blue Ridge Community College comprised of interesting mix of personalities that struck out as Mercenaries to help a still unnamed order of Metallic Dragons.


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